Public Speaking Training

Are you speaker type A or E?

Curious, take a moment to read the questions below…

This describes me. Type A: I am a white-knuckle speaker and avoid it at all cost! It scares me, I am terrified of groups watching me speak want to learn how to master the fear, but don’t know how?

This describes me. Type B: I resist speaking and presenting in front of groups; I will do it, however I feel uncomfortable and anxious. I don’t feel expert, but I would like to learn.

This describes me. Type C: I give presentations as a part of my job. Most of the time I feel I do a good job, I feel fairly competent; I think I would enjoy it more if I had more confidence and training!

This describes me. Type D: I used to present on a regular basis, I am interested in upgrading my training and adding a modern approach. I want to refresh my learning and enthusiasm.

This describes me. Type E: I enjoy presenting and speaking, and look for every opportunity to improve my skills, the more I do the better I feel. It is part of my work and I enjoy it.

Have you ever wondered what you can do to improve? Contact us and we will send you the insightful questionnaire, and discover what your next step might be.  To find out more contact us…

Geoffrey X Lane Presentation Power founder here…

I am at odds with the generally accepted belief that public speaking is hard, fraught with fear and stress!

At Presentation Power we believe that there’s no one born as a ‘Public Speaker’ – just speakers who haven’t found their confidence yet . Whether you’re shy or intellectual; introvert or a extrovert, or looking for YOUR natural authentic public speaking style. If you’re someone with important message, who’s been avoiding the spotlight for too long, the Essentials workshop will reveal your inner public speaking power that you never knew you had. I promise you fun and high impact workshops that leave you brimming with confidence…

Would YOU like to:

  • Have fun and get great results when speaking
  • Express yourself confidently and naturally
  • Uncover your authenticity and personal power
  • Get the most from your time in front of people
  • Make sure your listeners buy into your message

If you answered yes to any of the questions above please read on.

“Quite frankly, I turn old-school public speaking skills training on its head. I am at odds with the generally accepted belief that public speaking is hard, fraught with fear and stress!”

The Essentials is a public speaking workshop designed to help you become a successful public speaker.  Having trained thousands of people, I know that Presentation Power has the potential to affect your life and results in more ways than you may imagine. Your personal success depends on your ability to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and ideas with clarity and passion!

The proof is here – is it possible the only thing holding you back is your own fear – not easy to admit I know – but essential to understand. Take action and turn your fear into power today.

 I am a strong advocate for authenticity while speaking with power and clarity.

“I wanted to share my thoughts on Geoffrey X Lane’s Presentation Power the Essentials program.  I was looking for a course to help me improve my public speaking, mostly for career development but also for personal interest. In terms of the content of the course it covers all aspects of public speaking in a far greater depth than I was expecting. All of the materials supplied were very high quality and Geoffrey is able to add a massive amount of value from his experience with public speaking. He is obviously very passionate about it as well.

It was a very enjoyable experience, overwhelmingly positive and I heartily recommend it to anyone who is interested in improving their public speaking skills. Robert Eggers Business Analyst UK

I know YOU can become a powerful speaker.  I am passionately dedicated to helping individuals express themselves naturally, and to speak up. I can help you speak clearly, confidently and effectively and get the results you want.

Geoffrey X Lane