Presentation Power™ - The Book

The Million Dollar Coach reveals the “Hidden Secrets” to great public speaking

In my book Presentation Power, I reveal the secrets to giving winning presentations, including lessons learned from the intense pressure cooker of preparing for a winning Olympic Bid. Presentation Power can mark the beginning of your path to becoming a persuasive and powerful speaker.

In the book Presentation Power: become a powerful speaker, I offer to you the proven skills and strategies from 30+ years as a public speaker and as the presentation director and consultant who helped raise and win more than $500 Million Dollars of contracts and investment funds. In this game-changing book, I reveal the secrets and practical insights that have helped many others gain the career and business advantage needed in today’s competitive business environment.

Whether you’re presenting to one person or to thousands, Presentation Power will teach you to:

  • Deeply engage and involve your audience
  • Gain confidence and eliminate anxiety
  • Project credibility and become more persuasive
  • Develop your own authentic style of presenting
  • Have fun and get excellent results

Even the best ideas have no impact unless they’re well presented. The most successful communicators are the ones who actively involve and engage their audiences. If you want to deliver a great wedding speech or make a business pitch, or need connect with your ideal customer or simply stand out in your market, Presentation Power will help you achieve success.


Recently I was introduced as the “Million Dollar Coach”, I just never thought of myself that way. Afterwards I asked why that introduction and was told simply “well it is true, that’s why we hire you”. Yes, it is true in that calendar year I have helped teams win over $280 million in contracts, what a great year and what fun it was too…

The Presentation Power™ book will show you “how to become a powerful public speaker”, using the same principles and techniques I developed for coaching the Olympic presenters, and training international business leaders.In the Presentation Power™ authenticity is the foundation of achievement. It helps you use your own “authentic expression” as you really are as a person to make a powerful connection with your audience. In addition to core skills and presentation techniques, you will learn how to use your personality to your advantage, become more alive in the moment, and respond effectively to questions—whether you are presenting to one person or thousands.

Turn YOUR fear into power.

The people in your world are waiting for your leadership! Having trained thousands of people, I know that the secrets, strategies and knowledge of persuasive and powerful public speaking and I share them in the Presentation Power book.

The Presentation Power book has the potential to affect your life and results in more ways than you may imagine. Your personal success depends on your ability to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and ideas with clarity and passion!

Now it is your time to shine!

You Can Become A Powerful Speaker…!

Always show up